Access control

Today’s electronic access control systems have to go beyond simply locking and unlocking gates and doors. Professional and reputable technicians of Armet Alarm & Electronics, Inc. will listen and discuss your security needs, and then design the necessary systems and services to address your security concerns. Access Control systems will allow you to control access to your building and business, and maintain best possible surveillance. A well designed access control is a smart management tool. The possession of access control is of vital importance when persons seek to secure important, confidential, or sensitive information and equipment.

The benefits of a well-planned, properly specified and cost-efficient access control solution for any building are numerous, including:

  • Protection of the facility
  • Restrict access to business critical or restricted areas
  • Efficient employee attendance tracking process
  • Effective monitoring and control of remote locations
  • Provide auditing and employee time and attendance features
  • Track, record, and deter access throughout your organization
  • Provide a safer working environment and customer environment
  • Controlling and reporting on any unusual events
  • Reporting for regulatory or compliance purposes

An access control solution can range from simple electronics keypads that secure a single door to a fully integrated access system, controlling multiple buildings. No matter how big your business is Armet Alarm & Electronics, Inc. will design a system that meets your specific needs.