Audio systems

Armet Alarm & Electronics, Inc.  has earned an unmatched reputation for providing both homes and commercial complexes with the finest audio and video technology, and an unsurpassed customer service.

Bringing music into every room is not the high-cost project it used to be several years ago. Now it is quite affordable to have whole-house entertainment system. Imagine coming home, pressing a button and your favorite music fills the air, or sitting with your family or friends and listening to relaxing music. You can play the same audio source or you can play different audio sources simultaneously. All this from one system, easily controlled from keypads, touch screens or remote controls.

Having good equipment is not enough. The performance greatly depends on the quality and professionalism of the design and installation of the system. Our highly qualified technicians have completed special training in multi-room audio design, audio wiring, installation and amplifier selection. Whether it is a full home installation, a large commercial complex Armet Alarm & Electronics, Inc. will deliver quality and performance, so when you press play you will be impressed. Our skilled team will ensure that you get exactly what you need by creating an exceptional entertainment experience just for you.

Armet Alarm & Electronics, Inc. offers the following professional services and products to enhance your home, office and life:

  • High Performance Audio/Music Systems and Components
  • Home Theater Components, Design and Installation
  • Multimedia Conference Rooms
  • Public Address (PA) Systems
  • Whole House Music Systems