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Tolltip-style-851x542The important thing in the process of operation of your Home Security System is its connection with the Central Monitoring Station permanently. It depends on the quality and reliability of this connection that your family to feel safe 24 hours a day and that the signal of alarm in emergency situations is sent and accepted by the Central Monitoring Station immediately. For performing this function there are a lot of options that meet high technology requirements in different spheres of communication.


Usually the landline is connecting your alarm system with Central Monitoring System by phone. It works when the alarm is activated. In case if you’d like to get rid of the landline and to change it by another type of connection, you may use the help of our consultant choosing some of the variants that we propose to you.


You may connect your alarm system by Cellular Network when the alarm is activated. It is the most reliable type of connection to be used as it works independently of telephone lines and electric networks.


You may also use Internet including Wifi connection to send the signal of alarm to the Central Monitoring Station when the alarm is activated.

Which one will you prefer?

In modern apartments there may be different types of communication networks functioning simultaneously. You may use landline, Cellular, internet/Wifi and SecureNet Radio network together in various combination or separately. In each case the choice of connection type, as well as its combination, depends on the location of the premises.

For choosing the optimal variant for your premises our expert will estimate the situation and advice you the individual configuration of communication with the Central Monitoring Station. We have ready options of communication and backup connection to propose for different types of homes, using also the option of updating and improving the operating network.

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