Visonic protection curtain CH-100

85222This is new perimeter protection curtain CH-1000. Its multi-purpose applications have been already estimated by the owners of large commercial areas including also industrial facilities as well as it is applicable in homes quite pretty too. The curtain is perfect for detection over the walls, wide entrances and corridors, skylights, display windows. It can be used also as invisible baffler. The broad solutions of this device bring more stable protection for your business and safety for your private territory.

The installation and adjustment of CH-1000 PIR’s curtain is quite easy. Following the instructions attached you may choose setting the device on the wall or ceiling or corridors, in vertical or horizontal position. The curtain allows variable alignment adjustments to set a position you need. You will enjoy its easy control as well as modern design.

The detection technologies used by the producer of the device have long stable 30 years experience based on Visonic expertise, showing that CH-1000 covers all modern requirements of reliability including sensitivity, false alarm immunity and the variety of forms.