Once thought to be only installed in large mansions or apartment buildings, intercom systems have recently become a familiar phenomenon in many residential houses as well. An intercom system installed in your home not only opens up the lines of communication between your family members but also it serves a serious security function. Your home is your sanctuary. You and your precious family members should always feel safe and secure there.

Intercom system acts as a valuable form of surveillance. Better than any chain or peephole, these devices activate when the outdoor doorbell rings so, you can speak or even see a guest before opening the door to confirm their identity. A home intercom system is a great way to monitor the inside of your house as well. You can talk to persons in your family between rooms, as well as stay within earshot of any family member no matter where you are in the house. The speakers can be muted for privacy purposes, but if you have children, these units can act as monitors to help supervise their sleep while you are in other room. These devices are especially convenient way of communication, if you have elderly or disable persons in your family.

But beyond security, intercom systems can have lots of fun features as well. For instance, they can act as a universal entertainment system. Along with a radio, they come with CD or MP3 players that can be heard throughout the entire house.

Here are some benefits of a home intercom system:

* Valuable form of surveillance
* Decreased probability for theft and/or home invasions
* See and speak to visitors before opening the door
* Talk to anybody in any room
* Monitor children in another room with Listen Mode feature
* Lots of fun features (radio, adjustable timer, morning alarm)
* Increased sell value for your home should you ever decide to move
* Increased peace of mind

Our professional technicians will listen and discuss your wants, and design the necessary intercom systems to address your specific needs.