Review: DSC PK5501 PowerSeries 64 Zone LCD Picture Icon Keypad

DSC PK5501 64 Zone is one of new slim-line landscape keypads of PowerSeries. Its body and keys are made of plastics by modern advanced technology. Both users and installers will estimate its high quality, which is represented by its easy and rapid programming and operation. One of this keypad’s features is that its input/output terminal can operate as a zone input or programmable output or to be a low temperature sensor that can be programmed to be activated when room temperature dips below 43°F (6°C) and restores at 47°F (8°C). Built-in logic prevents the panel from cycling in and out of alarm mode during minor temperature fluctuations, helping to reduce false alarms. The keypad is provided with backlit keys which may be useful in low-light room. There are five programmable keys for easy one-button activation of different system functions. The default tasks assigned to the five function keys are stay arming, away arming, door chime, smoke detector reset and quick exit. DSC PK5501 64 Zone keypads have global partition status and 32-character programmable phrases with support of eight languages.


Modern, slim-line landscape keypad,
Enlarged keypad buttons,
5 programmable function keys,
Input/Output terminal can be programmed to operate as a zone input, programmable output or as a low temperature sensor,
3 one-touch emergency keys,
Multiple door chime per zone,
Adjustable backlight and keypad buzzer,
Wire channel,
Dual wall-mount and front cover tamper,
Easy-to-install mounting hinge,
Surface or single-gang box mount,
AC status ICON,
Available with English function keys,

Wireless Operation

Besides the hardwired versions of keypads, RF models are also available. They can support up to 64 wireless zones and 16 wireless keys. Having RF model one doesn’t need to take up a wireless zone slot.
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