Review: Launch of 3G Wireless Alarm Communicators by DSC

3g3070-tyco-dsc_10846857DSC, part of Tyco Security Products, has launched a series of HSPA/3G wireless alarm communicators. They are used as the sole communicator, as well as in a back-up mode with the phone line.

Since the era of the GPRS/2G networks is coming to an end, DSC came up with a device that is considered to be a big step into the future of communication technologies. If the users begin to install 3G communicators now, they will not need to undertake any upgrades of their devices when the GPRS/2G networks will be fully removed. And this is likely to happen in the next 2-3 years. Consumers who are ready to experience the advanced technology now, have a chance to do it at the same price the 2G models are sold, therefore not paying extra money for the newest 3G models created by DSC.

Traditional phone lines are fading away, while Voice over IP and mobile phones are taking over, using HSPA communications over a 3G network. Both 3G3070 HSPA Universal Wireless Alarm Communicator and 3G3070CF HSPA Universal Wireless Fire Alarm Communicator take advantage of the HSPA network to guarantee quick, safe and effective alarm communications. With the HSPA backup, one can never be worried about phone line disconnection. With the 3G2055 (also sold as 3G2075) IMPASSA Communicator there is an opportunity to connect directly to Tyco Security Products’ C24 Interactive platform.

The 3G2055 allows customers to remotely activate and deactivate IMPASSA, and also make use of other features in the C24 Interactive security package. Integrated cellular communications serve as a primary form of alarm communications offered by the 3G2055. The user is also able to upload and download to the control panel using the communicator, as well as offered two-way voice over cellular.

Also joining the 3G product portfolio will be The 3G2060R HSPA Wireless Alarm Communicator and the TL2603GR Internet and HSPA Dual-path Alarm Communicator will soon join the 3G product line, and will both be compatible with the DSC PowerSeries PC1864/1832/1616 control panels.

Our company Armet Alarm has already broadened the product range. For more information, please go to the Alarm Systems Services webpage.