Structured wiring

Future-proof your home and business!

Today structured wiring system is the technological foundation of any modern business or home’s infrastructure. It helps to provide reliable voice, video, and data communications for hundreds of applications and more.

Before residential homes and commercial premises had only two principle wiring systems; the electrical service and the phone service. Despite their limitations, phone lines were the only means available for computer networking and were utilized for data transmission. Nowadays, more options are available to meet today’s networking needs of consumers. Dedicated wiring for data, telephone, audio, and video are fast becoming standard options.

Changing the wiring system in a home after initial construction may be difficult and expensive. That is why planning ahead and installing a better system is a wise choice. The total cost to purchase and install the same system in an existing building can cost up to twice as much.

Structured wiring is an organized arrangement of high quality cables and connections that distribute services throughout the home or business. Here are some examples what a structured wiring system will allow you to do:

Play a DVD or any other Audio/Video equipment in one room, and watch or listen it anywhere else in your house
Listen to your home audio system in any room of your house
Place video cameras at your front door, in the back yard, and in the baby’s room and watch the pictures on TVs or monitors
Having the right telephone wiring is essential if you plan to have a telephone or intercom system in the future
Hook multiple computers up to one internet connection
With a structured wiring solution in place, you can add home automation technology easily, allowing you to control various appliances from anywhere in the home and remotely via the Internet.
Technology moves fast and provides solutions in ways that were previously unthinkable or impossible. Although it is very hard to completely future-proof your home, a structured wiring system will make future expansions and upgrades easier and more affordable. A simple change and you can move any data point or phone line to any room or location. No costly re-cabling.
Malfunctions can quickly be identified and repaired.
It organizes cables for easy access
A proper structured wiring installation increases the resale value of homes or buildings.

Structured Cabling Systems, professionally designed and implemented by Armet Alarm & Electronics, Inc., not only support existing infrastructure and devices, but also have the capacity to grow with new technologies and demands.

Armet Alarm & Electronics, Inc. offers complete Structured Wiring systems. We appreciate the challenge of planning your system and would be pleased to assist you.