Telephone systems

Armet Alarm & Electronics, Inc. provides and installs professional Panasonic Telephone Systems for your home or business. The telephone systems we provide are reliable and dependable. Our qualified technicians will build a telephone system, which meets you specific needs.
Nowadays having a telephone system is not a luxury but a necessity. Having a telephone system at you business or home makes life easier and more efficient. Armet Alarm & Electronics, Inc. will help you understand various features that telephone systems provide, so you get the most out of your telephone system. Here are several benefits that telephone system offers you:

For Your Business

1. Productivity increase
2. Better customer service
3. Intercom system function. Enjoy better connectivity among the employees
4. Page all option
5. Telephone systems are expandable, which gives you flexibility in adding lines and extensions
6. Easy to use. You do not have to be a telephone guru to use the system.
7. Less maintenance requirements. You will not have to change equipments to add extra phone lines.
8. Premium voice quality
9. Music and customer greeting on hold. Change music or announcement according to special criteria such as time of day
10. Customized option menus for an automated attendant

For Your Home

1. Maximized home communication
2. Intercom system function
3. Door phone intercom. You can answer your doors through any phone in your home (up to four door stations)
4. You can open the door from any room in your home (up to four doors)
5. Voicemail
6. Premium voice quality
7. Easy to use
8. Page all option

A reliable telephone system installed by Armet Alarm & Electronics, Inc. will substantially increase your business productivity and will make your home communication much simpler. We also pre-wire for new construction, expansion and remodeling projects. We provide a host of low-voltage cabling options, including CAT3, CAT5e, and CAT6.

If you need help designing your home or business telephone system, do not hesitate to call us at 818-242-0022. We will gladly answer all your questions.