Wireless synchronized smoke detector

A novelty of DMP is new 1164 Wireless Smoke Detector, which meets now NFPA 72 requirements for synchronization of sounders. It is for the first time when DMP presents a wireless Smoke Detector that may be applicable both in commercial and in private premises. Detecting smoke the DMP 1164 device transfers a signal to all synchronized 1164 devices to sound the temporal code of 3-tacted alarm signal.
The 1164 Smoke Detector is a wireless detector with its sounder synchronized with other devices working in the same system. The signal about smoke detection is transferred to the panel to make all the devices sounding alarm. Main panel also reacts to strobes and strobe horns getting them over the wired systems. The panel controls the cadence and alarm tones of both wireless and wired systems. The 900 MHz 2-Way Wireless technology used by DMP in this last 1164 wireless detector is recently approved for Commercial Fire application and is much more secure and stable than its previous devices.