The value of your system depends on the response you get in an emergency. At our central station, where we monitor your security system 24 hours a day 7 days a week, our highly trained professionals are ready to act the moment your alarm sounds. The system will tell them exactly where the problem is, so they can contact you or anyone you put on your list, and if necessary send the appropriate authorities to exactly the right place.

We monitor your commercial security system around the clock. The second your alarm is activated, a signal is sent to our security monitoring center, where trained professionals will confirm that your employees are safe with personalized customer service and, if necessary, send the appropriate emergency authority to your business.We will look after your workplace when you are away from the premises.

We can also monitor the openings and closings of your business. This is a great service for managers and business owners. Like all business managers and owners, you need to trust the people who work for you. But, not blind trust. When employees know that improper events point directly to them, they realize that they are accountable for their actions which are being recorded. Each employee is assigned a unique code. Every time they operate the alarm system, it is recorded in the internal memory log of the control panel. Employee lateness, visits during non-business hours are readily identified.


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