Protect you and your family with our state-of-the-art camera systems that work for you. 

Armet Alarm & Electronics, Inc. offers CCTV camera systems that are fully customizable to meet the unique needs of your home and company. We have earned a solid reputation for personalized service. We offer a wide range of quality products, including state-of-the-art cameras, digital video recorders and video entry/intercom systems. We also carry specialty cameras, such as infra-red, low-light, night vision cameras and concealed cameras. CCTV surveillance systems installed by our professional installers can give you the tools you need to protect your home and run your business safely.

Why Choose Us For Your Residential Security System?

  • We don't sell contracts to third parties.

  • Our security experts explain the features of our systems and options available to you. 

  • Our technicians are experts in their field.

  • Got a problem? Our one-call service provides you with immediate help. 

  • You could get 20% off your homeowner's insurance when we monitor your alarm system for security and/or smoke/heat protection. This could cover the cost of your new system. 

Armet Alarm & Electronics, Inc. CCTV camera system will allow you:

  • See who is at the door before opening and letting them enter
  • Confirm when your teenagers arrived home from school
  • Watch the baby while you get things done around the house
  • Check in on your home from the office or while away on vacation
  • Look in on vacation or second homes


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