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Let us introduce ourselves properly. Here at Armet Alarm & Electronics, Inc., our reliable and speedy service is just a push of a button or phone call away. Our alarm system monitoring solutions provide you with the protection you deserve for your home or business.

Armet Alarm has provided alarm systems since 1983. We have grown and prospered because, year after year, we have been providing residential and business consumers with security and peace of mind at an affordable price. We use only proven top of the line equipment representing the best technology available today to give you peace of mind. Our customers rest easy knowing their homes and offices are protected by Armet Alarm & Electronics, Inc.


Now is the time to secure your valuables and your future with commercial or residential alarm systems from Armet Alarm & Electronics Inc., one of the most customer friendly companies in security alarm industry. With 24-hour alarm system monitoring services from Armet Alarm & Electronic, Inc. you are in no doubt, that our trained alarm monitoring professionals are cautiously watching over your home or business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and they are ready to contact the appropriate emergency agencies, if necessary. With us you will receive the highest quality service plus the ability to customize your own unique system to fit your exact situation. You pay only for what you need, because these systems grow with you.


With alarm system monitoring services from Armet Alarm & Electronics, Inc. you can rest assured that prompt and dependable service is always just the push of a button or a phone call away. Armet Alarm & Electronics, Inc. is dedicated to providing your business and home with the protection you deserve.



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Since 1983, we've made high-quality alarm and camera systems that protect lives and livelihoods. No expensive prices. No fuss. Just home and business security solutions you can rely on. It's what we've done for almost four decades. As a leader in security services, we help people like you protect their families and businesses. 

Our 24/7 monitoring station provides you with peace of mind wherever you are in the world, and we can help prevent would-be intruders from entering your property and stealing your cherished, valuable possessions. However, you still have full control, and we will customize our services around you. 

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